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Attention all Writers! Are you tired of having too much teenage angst that your parents and teachers just don’t understand? Well, let US give you the outlet you deserve. Mrs. Pugh’s Advanced Creative Writing class is publishing Carson High’s first ever Literary Magazine, Bolt of Blue! From February 1st to February 29th, you can bring in a hard copy of your poems, non-fiction, and fiction pieces to room 306 or the Library. Spill all your complicated feelings and let everyone know that it is, in fact, not a phase. Or submit a piece that makes your mood fly high, and puts you at the top of the world. YOU are the writer and make the rules to your piece. Click the Bolt Of Blue link below for more information!



Campaign Begins Tuesday, February 18 after school VOTING in Senators Grade-Level Google Classrooms W

SENIOR - Class of 2021


EMMA HATAWAY: Hi class of 2021! Make sure to vote for me, Emma Hataway, for your senior class president for the 2020-2021 school year! Thank you! 




EMMA DOTY: "I want what's best for CHS!" 




JUNIOR - Class of 2022


BELLA BERTRAND: Even wikihow says to vote for me! Vote Isabella Bertrand for Junior class President!!:) 









SOPHOMORE - Class of 2023


SAMI SCHOFIELD: I may fail at a lot of things but not at this. Vote Sami Schofield for Sophomore class president! 

RACHEL WOLZ: Hi CHS Sophomores! I'm running for Sophomore Class President! Vote for me so I can help change our class for the better ;) 


ASHLEIGH NARANJO: Vote Ashleigh Naranjo for Sophomore Class Vice President! 


JOCELYN VARGAS: Hey, future sophomores! My name is Jocelyn Vargas and I'm running for Sophomore Class Secretary. I want to better help our school and my peers. So go no further and vote! 


NOHELI VILLEGAS: Hi CHS, it's Noheli Villegas and I'm running for sophomore Class Treasurer, it would be great if you voted for me! 



SYDNEY ROMEO: Hi, I'm Sydney Romeo and I'm running for 

sophomore Class Representative. Vote Syd! 

AVERY INGERSOLL: Hello fellow students of CHS, vote for me as next sophomore class rep!! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Anchors: Andrew Alexander and Jonethen Hurt

SBO OFFICERS 2020-2021



Olivia Syndergard



Karen Beglin



Elysia Teruya



Jacob Crossman



Julia Kaiser



Ava Ponczoch




Senior in the Spotlight


This week’s senior in the spotlight is Gabriela (Gaby) Avina. Gaby maintains a 4.7 weighted GPA, and is currently taking a course load of Honors and AP courses. Gaby has been extremely involved in extracurricular activities at CHS; she is currently an officer for National Honor Society, was the Editor in Chief of the high school yearbook and newspaper, was the manager for varsity soccer, and participated in volleyball for two years. Gaby is enrolled in the Greater Nevada Financial Literacy class where she learns customer service and financial literacy skills, as well as basic banking program skills. She has volunteered extensively in her community through work with her church, St. Teresa of Avila, and as a function of her role in National Honor Society, GNCU, and simply as a participating member of the community. Lastly, she has worked as a Recreation Youth Aide for Carson City Parks and Recreation for almost two years. Aside from her commitments at the high school, she is also a member of the Community of Bilingual English-Spanish Speakers (CBESS). CBESS is program through UNR that offers an opportunity for bilingual students in Northern Nevada who are interested in entering the medical field to gain experience and an understanding of what their future career will look like. Out of 150 applicants in Northern Nevada, only 30 were accepted. Always seeking to better the lives of those around her, Gaby has created a mentorship program for middle school students to help them with the transition to high school.

Gaby plans to attend the University of Nevada, Reno where she would like to major in Psychology.Carson High loves the energy and positive attitude that Gaby brings to our school. We wish her luck in her future endeavors.

  • GSA: Please come join GSA in Mr. Tobin's room (301) Tuesdays after school and Wednesdays at lunch.
  • Americorps:  Come to the Career Center February 12th at lunch to find out about the Segal Americorps Education Award for up to $6,195 in scholarship funds that you can earn; plus the $14,000 salary for 10 months of work in Americorps 
  • Valigrams: Hey Carson High, CHS Drama Club is hosting a Valentine's Day fundraiser! Send a lovable little plushie with a nice note to make their Valentines Day special. They will be sold from today until February 11th before school, at lunch, and after school until 2:30 in Senator Square. Each "Valigram '' will cost $1.50. Come prepared knowing the A1 and A3 class of the person you would like to send them to because they will be delivered during those periods on Friday, February 13th. Come support CHS Drama!
  • Floriculture:  Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Have you gotten a gift for someone you love? If not don't worry, the CHS Floriculture Class has you covered! Floral will be selling Valentine's Arrangements.3 stem arrangements for $15. Half dozen arrangements for $35 and Full dozen arrangements for $50. These arrangements can be with White, Pink, Yellow, or Red Roses.  Payment orders are due today! Flowers will be ready for pick up in room 161 on February 13 
  • Job opening: Friday, Feb. 21st  at 3 PM at Carson City Community Center. Meet employers about job opening & internships. Bring copies of your resume. If you need help creating your resume, stop by the Career Center for assistance. 
  • Renown Volunteers: Renown Health 2020 H.S. Volunteer Programs are available to all Sophomore, Junior, & Senior Students interested in the medical field. Applications available in the Career Ctr. Seniors graduating in 2020 your applications will be rerouted to college volunteer programs. 
  • Jobs: Carson City is hiring a Library Shelver and Youth Recreation Aides. Apply at Job Descriptions are available in the Career Center. 
  • Sheriff's Academy 1st meeting:  Sr. Project Sheriff's Academy begins this Wed. @ 5:30 to 8:30 pm. each Wednesday from Jan. 8th through March 11th. Location: 911 E. Musser St., Carson City 
  • Open Spots for Peru!  Hey all, Mr. Spence has had a few spots just open up for the trip of a lifetime to fantastic Peru! Due to a cancellation there are now TWO spots open. If you are interested in seeing this incredible place in South America, please see Mr. Spence in room 247 asap! You can also email him for information. It's more affordable than you think, and it will be eleven days you will never forget. Once again, see Mr. Spence in room 247 or email him now to get enrolled. 


  • Register Deadline:  Register My Athlete will close on Feb 19, 2020, for all Spring Sports. Form B (Medical History) and Form D (Physical) if required must, be completed to try out. Try out date is Saturday Feb 22, 2020. Please see Laurie Sheets in the Athletic Department regarding any questions about Registrations for Spring Sports. 
  • Spring Sports: Spring Sports is opened for: Baseball, Softball, Track, Boys Golf, and Swim Team. Spring Sports will Close Feb 19, 2020. Form B, the Medical History form is due Once a School year. Form D, the physical form is due every other year. Your Student Body sticker also must be paid in order to complete your registration.

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