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Holiday Door Decorating Runner-Ups

Hagar - Room 256

Johnson - Room 246

Congratulations! The next door decorating contest will be for Winterfest. The theme will be Netflix, so start planning now for your favorite Netflix movie or show.

Broadcast 12/18/18

News Anchors: Xander Holcomb and Lucas Stocz

Director: Ismael Diaz and Cooper Nichols

Script Written by Ismael Diaz

Camera and Lighting: Cooper Nichols

Producer: Ismael Diaz

Executive Editor: Nick Fischer

What Would You Change about CHS?

Video by Angie Cortez and Karina Diaz

In this video, reporters Angie Cortez and Karina Diaz asked students of different grade levels what they would change about Carson High School if they could.  

Exotic Car Parts

Video by James Wood

Voice-over by Matt Martinez

Teens love their cars, and they love to buy custom parts that help improve performance.  Watch this video and learn how carbon fiber splitters, air intakes, and spoilers and wings can enhance the performance of your ride.  

Snack Shack

Video by Santino de los Rios and Anthony Lopez

Voice-over by Santino de los Rios

Students in Kyle Jordan's CLS Job Skills classes run the Snack Shack, a coffee shop serving teachers.

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