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Last Chance for Homecoming Dress Up Days!

Need to plan what to wear this Thursday or Friday? Check out Nick Fischer's video and get into the Senator spirit!  

Digital Media Broadcast October 10, 2018

News Anchors: Nick Fischer and Gianna Johnson

Directors: Ismael Diaz and Antonio Iglesias

Cameras and Lighting: Cooper Nichols and Lucas Stocz

Homecoming Bonfire

Video by Lauren Winne and Dominc Ceragioli

Hey Senators, check out this recap of the bonfire!  Over 300 students and staff attended.  What a blast!

Freshman Football Players Reflect on Their Season

Video by Javier Arrellano and Mario Morgan

Marijuana, Vapes, and Alcohol

Video by Lauren Winne and Dominic Ceragioli

Check out what CHS students say about the most popular substances that are abused by teens.

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 We are a bare bones operation, sharing one camera, one mic, and one audio recorder, but we make it happen!  

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